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Countering Herbicide use.










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27th February, a date for locals.

Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare, next fortnightly working bee will be on Saturday, the 27th of February, from 8am to 12pm, at Brunswick Heads Crown Land Reserve site. Meet at the end of South Beach Road fire track gate. If you come later, walk 150 m along the beach heading South, from the dog walking track beach access track, turn west and you will spot us on the dunes, doing followup work of Bitou seedling and Glory lily. Please wear boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants, a hat, gloves and bring water, rain coat  and some morning tea.

More information 0478272300 or go to www.byronshirechemicalfreelandcare.org.

Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare is a project of SEED (Sustainable Environment Education and Enterprise Enterprise)




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Gathering pace. Get involved, demand stop to Glyphosate today.

The use of dangerous herbicides for weed control by landcare, dunecare, local councils, NP. RTA, farmers, etc is out of date as it is a serious risk to the health of the public and our environment. We are not alone in Byron Shire on our concerns, please see article below and write to your local council expressing your concern

From Brunswick Herbicide free group.



Pressure needs to be increased on Council, LANDCARE and NATIONAL PARKS to cease all use of ROUNDUP.
Public awareness is growing due to numerous independent studies commissioned out-side of the Chemical companies that produce this damaging herbicide.
TIME to PROTECT our WATER, SOIL, OUR REMAINING BEES and what is left in our already damaged ENVIRONMENT.
And from the WEEDSNETWORK via facebook.

I have been maintaining a feed of articles on our Facebook page instead of the news as we have a good following on FB.  I encourage you to post your photo and news there as quite a few people who work on this issue follow the feed and share.

Did you listen to the law report over the weekend?  They ran a story on spray drift and the legal issues … consensus is the laws are a failure in regulating this area.  Current ag minister and now deputy PM too busy donating millions of tax payer dollars to Bayer to listen … we will have to keep at them a little longer it seems to get some positive changes through. I have been maintaining a feed of articles on our Facebook page instead of the news as we have a good following on FB. I encourage you to post your photo and news there as quite a few people who work on this issue follow the feed and share.

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77 mls of Rain.

Following an extreme past 2 weeks weather ways, it is a fantastic relief to get a good nights sleep and to hear the creek water in the distance.  Temperatures have dropped considerably.


Fungis, lichens, mini clusters forming on fallen branches. The photo below I took yesterday in-between showers and I can not identify it.



A fallen Moreton Bay fig bough.


Last couple of days and have almost reached my target.


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Bush Walk.

This morning, many herbicide free volunteers and activists were to trek the 15 k walk along the Night Cap track.

Hopefully to reach here late afternoon, for early tea and a bowl of vegetable soup, and with my fellow Aquarians combining to celebrate our birthdays.  As the rain is still gently falling and the leeches are ravenous I do not envy any who have been brave enough to turn up.

View below looking west to Mount Warning from Night Cap track.


This sign near town reflects the state of our politics, say one thing and do another completely contradicting their own advice.


Example of a poisoned drain. Photo taken last Wednesday.






And natural happenings in my garden.


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February 1.

10 days left on my crowd funding campaign.  See link below and please post on to city friends who might like to support our herbicide free project.

The photo below shows the site we are working on. The lower growth is the lantana which we are slashing, pulling and layering.  Approx. 3 hectares this site once grew bananas and was subjected to some herbicide use. The regeneration from our work 6 months ago is well underway with red and white cedars prolific and numerous other rain forest tree seedling emerging.



And after us workers slash, sweat and layer the lantana we will come back down to the cabin and eat.


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Simon, from Germany via Melbourne is here as a volunteer. Precision tool maker by profession, he has taken over preparing the brush hooks and other tools used in our winter lantana ease back. It will be a pleasure our first full day of lantana work during a cooler day.

Yesterday we worked in a follow up area, slashing around merging red and white cedars amongst others.  A variety of trees are emerging, from sand paper fig to tamarind. I hope I can record everything that sprouts.


Today, bamboo harvest and line cut. Simon has already created a couple of wind instruments out of the black bamboo. 2 stacks of bamboo poles for the garden and piles of much.


3 weeks after it feast on a small joey. Still asleep beneath the bananas.



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No sign of our foreign minister.


Cartoon from the Guardian.



Taken in my garden with the new camera.

My campaign launch………………..please distribute to people………. who want to support workers, to plant trees after the hard labour of slash, pull and mulching lantana…………………. instead of poisoning with herbicides.


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Busy, busy, busy.

Extraordinary reaction to my last post with outrage, calls for a transparent audit of land-care groups, who benefit from public funds and whose main weapon is  glyphosate.  Negative reaction too against National parks and Brunswick Valley land care, who have been spot spraying where the chemical-free volunteers work for free.  After considerable public reaction to aerial spraying over the dunes a couple of years ago, which stopped the aerials, it seems to be a hostile and undemocratic reaction by entrenched bureaucrats.

A recently sprayed site near Mullumbimby.


But after a busy morning with words and the phone I managed 3 hours in the gardens cutting comfrey for mulch and fertiliser tea.


Following I was chased by this large hissing goana, the first time that has happened to me here. Quite exciting actually.


And flying over the gardens yesterday this delight.




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New forest…………..new growth and lyre birds recycling the leaf litter beneath. I can hear the lyre birds but only have caught a glimpse of one in the distance.


Above is the follow up site from total lantana slashing and mulching 6 years ago. Great variety of rain forest trees emerging and next week I have an expert visiting to identify and name the new growth.


Ross attempting to identify a tree.


Snakes converging into the out-side wood stove. This one arrived yesterday and spent half the day sunning itself on the verandah, to then retreat for a snooze.

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