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Defending the environment from ecocide.


What we are trying to counter. A man spraying into a drain on left Bank Road. Friday 11 November 2016. It rained soon after. Also 2 people told me of the edge spraying at Cape Byron.



Long-nosed Bandicoot: Parameles nasuta
My photo taken here outside the cabin on Thursday night.



Following a storm which gave the garden a much needed watering.

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Burden of knowledge that comes with Scientific fact concerning Climate Change.


2 part programme. The second programme was how we manage our sense of despair at what we witness, hear and see.  In support of Scott Ludlam and all the other front line environmentalists who bear an enormous burden with the knowledge they carry.

After a week-end visit with people who spent the whole time here justifying their excessive use of Round-up on selective flora they didn’t like and pointing out the remaining 2 Coral trees I have here, I couldn’t help having a dejected few hours following. No listening to me when I pointed out the value I see in the trees, nectar for winter birds, erosion control and the numerous rain forest trees germinating beneath them. Hard to respond after a man had to keep justifying his use of sprays to do his landscaping.


Rodney Weidland  Photo, taken here.

Coral trees have been a direct target by land-care with an intensive poisoning programme through-out our valleys. Many of the blackened poisoned trunks can be seen fallen in the creeks. A recent study found the outlets to these creeks are in a poor state when reaching the ocean.


No taking into account any of the many non chemical company funded scientific studies that all show evidence of contamination of water, soil and air from this product. Unfortunately, some of the newer city people moving to the valley’s do not have an environmental cell in their body with the wish to replicate some idealized image of a rural landscape taken from way beyond the reality of here. Another recent new comer wants to kill every snake he sees because one ate his city dog.

And then there is the grant funding, targeted by land-care enthusiasts for an easy, yet toxic, regeneration fix with chemicals, aimed towards the newcomers and the over valued real estate market.

Come on Greens……………….get active and start educating. MAJORITY of our newly elected Councillors are on record saying NO to herbicides.


Hi Donald

Right now, we are living with the consequences of bad decisions, discredited ideas and short-term thinking.

The big polluters. The coal charlatans. The subsidised destruction.

The politicians who forget they represent the people.

But we don’t accept the story we must sacrifice nature for a quick buck. We can make different choices.

Bound by our concern for Australia’s future, yesterday I stood with an unlikely coalition of 17 influential people. Together, we handed the Minister for Energy and the Environment, Josh Frydenberg, a copy of our new blueprint, Our energy future – a plan to transition Australia to clean energy.



Joni’s birthday is on November 7, and there are many musical tributes to her this year – check out the list. Be sure and attend if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby. Also, you can wish Joni a Happy Birthday yourself at WeLoveYouJoni.com.

Joni is slowly recovering after a serious run of bad health. She is painting again and writing.

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Thursday…………………19th May.

Early start with 3 of us climbing to the regeneration site and slashing, pulling and layering for 4 hours. Excellent morning with a considerable area layered and follow up in a previously mulched area.


Red sky greeted us as we breakfasted ready to go to our hard labor.




Oh………………..if the election campaign is driving everyone nuts find a garden.


Read herbicide use too in the article below……………………overuse and resistance is already evident in so called weeds bouncing back stronger than ever. GO NATURE<GO>


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2 articles worth reading.


Worth reading too on the lengths vested interests go to protect their profit.


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Council plans more road-side spraying.

An example of NOT caring for the land and water.

More road-side spraying. Examples in photos below.


6 months after spraying. Stronger than ever as resistance develops. More herbicide run off into our creeks and drains ?
This is the jump weed which we are hand pulling.

With the United Nation’s recent dire report on the globe’s environment, many in Australia have brushed it aside as too hard. Short term feel good initiative’s, such as herbicide spraying, which is promoting resistance and contaminating our limited water, are feeding into our environment’s continued degradation.

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