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They took all the trees and put them in a tree Museum.

Hey Byron land guardians

Put away the herbicides now

Give me the spots on my apples

But leave me the birds and the bees


Don’t it always seem to go

That you don’t know what you have got

Till its gone

They paved paradise

And put up another parking lot.

Joni Mitchell lyrics with a couple of my add on lines.   1967  “Big Yellow Taxi”.


Does anyone know where the mayor’s pledge for herbicide use to be reduced and with the phasing out of round-up  now stands?

We are still seeing poisoned Coral trees collapsing into the Wilsons Creek and spasmodic spraying into drains and waterways. The health report on the Wilson River is dismal and our responsibilities, living near the head waters, is crucial to the future health of the water.


It is time the Greens put the environment back onto the first of its priorities.


NPA doesn’t have an association position on herbicide use as it’s more relevant to the managers of national parks than it is us.
But I think any reasonably minded person would be concerned about Roundup given the revelation of how the proportion of people in the USA had it in their urine, and the link between roundup and GM. I think the environmental element of GM has been lost in the health debate, and roundup-ready GM crops are a big part of that.
Hope this helps, thanks for getting in touch!
Dr Oisín Sweeney
Senior Ecologist





YouTube  Who Do You Think Will Win?




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Burden of knowledge that comes with Scientific fact concerning Climate Change.


2 part programme. The second programme was how we manage our sense of despair at what we witness, hear and see.  In support of Scott Ludlam and all the other front line environmentalists who bear an enormous burden with the knowledge they carry.

After a week-end visit with people who spent the whole time here justifying their excessive use of Round-up on selective flora they didn’t like and pointing out the remaining 2 Coral trees I have here, I couldn’t help having a dejected few hours following. No listening to me when I pointed out the value I see in the trees, nectar for winter birds, erosion control and the numerous rain forest trees germinating beneath them. Hard to respond after a man had to keep justifying his use of sprays to do his landscaping.


Rodney Weidland  Photo, taken here.

Coral trees have been a direct target by land-care with an intensive poisoning programme through-out our valleys. Many of the blackened poisoned trunks can be seen fallen in the creeks. A recent study found the outlets to these creeks are in a poor state when reaching the ocean.


No taking into account any of the many non chemical company funded scientific studies that all show evidence of contamination of water, soil and air from this product. Unfortunately, some of the newer city people moving to the valley’s do not have an environmental cell in their body with the wish to replicate some idealized image of a rural landscape taken from way beyond the reality of here. Another recent new comer wants to kill every snake he sees because one ate his city dog.

And then there is the grant funding, targeted by land-care enthusiasts for an easy, yet toxic, regeneration fix with chemicals, aimed towards the newcomers and the over valued real estate market.

Come on Greens……………….get active and start educating. MAJORITY of our newly elected Councillors are on record saying NO to herbicides.


Hi Donald

Right now, we are living with the consequences of bad decisions, discredited ideas and short-term thinking.

The big polluters. The coal charlatans. The subsidised destruction.

The politicians who forget they represent the people.

But we don’t accept the story we must sacrifice nature for a quick buck. We can make different choices.

Bound by our concern for Australia’s future, yesterday I stood with an unlikely coalition of 17 influential people. Together, we handed the Minister for Energy and the Environment, Josh Frydenberg, a copy of our new blueprint, Our energy future – a plan to transition Australia to clean energy.



Joni’s birthday is on November 7, and there are many musical tributes to her this year – check out the list. Be sure and attend if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby. Also, you can wish Joni a Happy Birthday yourself at WeLoveYouJoni.com.

Joni is slowly recovering after a serious run of bad health. She is painting again and writing.

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Sprinting into July with days when the sun actually stays shining. Harvesting the last of the prolific Yacon….8 kilos of tubers off one plant. yacon-harvest Reading Malka Marom……… in conversation with Joni Mitchell……… Titled…….. ‘IN HER OWN WORDS’…. Joni suffers from a very rare disease called Morgellons and when she talks about her illness she describes it…….. ‘ Morgellons is a body snatcher. The invasion of the body snatchers (she laughs). My body is like the earth. What we have done to the earth by overpopulating it, this disease has done the same to my body, by overpopulating it.’

They paved paradise And put up a parking lot   “Big Yellow Taxi”.

We are stardust, We are golden And we have got to get ourselves Back to the garden   “Woodstock”.

Joni recently suffered an aneurysm, press releases as to her condition are as varied and wide ranging as the many reviews she has had during her career as a composer, writer, poet, singer, dancer and artist.

We’re captive on the carousel of time

we can’t return,

we can only look behind

From where we came

And go round and round and round In the circle game.

Thank-you Joni Mitchell. You’ve supported and comforted many of us during your fantastic contribution to humanity.

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