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In Don Watson’s “The Bush”, he writes that when we think of a tree and not of it as an impediment or a utility then its power quickly becomes apparent: the height, the mass, the form; the force, tenacity, grace or its agelessness it expresses. The colour, light, movement and the sound it generates; the vigour, strength, fecundity and the life force. zone-33 Trees provoke the imagination and enliven the senses; they suggest mystery, remind us of our freedoms, lift our spirits and carry us, if unconsciously and only for an instant, back to nature and in proportion to it. zone-333 Thank-you Don Watson………..an incredibly important book for Australia, to learn how to adapt to a climate change future ….. and by helping us understand ¬†Europeans adventure and misadventure on this ancient land. zone-3


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Koala in residence.


A koala slumbered in a blue fig tree next to the hen house. Temps touched 36 degrees on Monday. It looked healthy and well nourished. Yesterday, it moved to higher ground behind the garden.

The resident snakes too have moved, one into the garden and another into the trees next to the cabin. Now the hens will have to be restricted. The third snake swallowed a cotton sheet that lay in the bottom of the hen’s laying nest. I had never witnessed a snake swallowing material before but as a couple of locals have seen the same thing I am no longer surprised. The snake remains digesting in the wood stove. Its colour has dulled and it is lethargic to what it was preceding its mistaken meal. I hope it recovers.



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Koala Count thwaited.

Merrily climbing through the forest , eyes focussed on the canopy and lower branches in the hope of seeing and recording the koalas, I slipped and landed heavily on a hidden rock. Luckily and after a couple of disturbed sleeps, I am relieved that I did not break a rib. Made a comfrey leaf poultice ( for what it is worth to the individual ) and applied to my chest. Today a bruise has appeared so I am on the mend. Now to venture again to try and find the koala, I have 7 days before the count is scheduled to end.

Before my taking my eye off my footing I walked up a drying up creek bed to see two yabbies, this one was peering out of its haven in the rocks.


Due to injury and heat have spent the last couple of days indoors listening to radio (Australia’s new political reality is very depressing ) and reading. Colm Toibin’s “Brooklyn”, a young woman’s emigration story, from Ireland to Brooklyn, NY. Funny and sad, struck a chord in me as I have lived most of my life as an emigrant. Followed on by his collection of stories in “Mothers and Sons”, some very moving and insightful, Toibin has been a pure treat to read.

Now a glimpse into why many of us are in a silent despair.


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