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Worth watching the video in this article.



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Tree clearing, Queensland. Where is the outrage?



Our effort here has seen a good week. Transplanting bolly gums, blue figs along the valley we are mulching with lantana.



Bees here.

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More Rain.

In-between showers I take the camera out and photograph, searching for the extraordinary explosion of fungi sprouting on fallen branches, patches of exposed soil and tree trunks. Recycling in its purest form, not inhibited by herbicides or pesticides.

In the pond this afternoon.

Click on photo to enlarge.

The tadpoles feasting on a pineapple top. Click on photos to see their eyes.


Distressing news this morning on the upsurge of Queensland’s  land clearing.  Seems to fit nicely with the Queensland’s labour government’s fill steam ahead with the Adani Coal mine approval.

Why do we have environment ministers, both federal and state when laws are not enforced and banks profits come way ahead on the environment ?




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