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Although hot and humid, the week-end just past has seen a very busy time out in the rapidly growing gardens and tending to the bank at Wilson Creek Hall we replanted in lomandra and dianellas three years ago. No erosion and the soil is intact.

Electricity company too came in to inspect their 2 poles on this property. I have to clear the lantana around one of them. I leave the lantana beneath the power lines that cross this property to the neighbours, simply because if I remove it, tall rain forest trees will replace the shorter lantana. As it grows now only the odd bangalow palm grows through the dense foliage of the lantana.

Finished reading… A PRIVATE LIFE…..Michael Kirby’s ( now retired from Australia’s High Court ) memoir. Admire this man as he writes so eloquently about his life, coming out as a gay man and the outrageous assaults he had to endure on his character. Remember Bill Hefferman?
Thank-you to Dean for sending me this book for Christmas.

Also just started reading the essays from THE BEST AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE WRITING 2014. In James Mitchell Crow’s… IS THERE ROOM FOR ORGANICS… he asks could the organic approach ever offer a sustainable, secure way to feed the world’s rapidly growing population ? He goes on to argue that a combination of both, conventional and organic….. with a more careful targeting of so called pests with herbicides. Modern technology (drones) allows conventional farmers and crop growers to sight where insects are invading therefore a more concentrated targeting for spraying. But he fails to mention the relatively modern use of synthetic fertilisers, mostly obtained from fossil fuels, and modern herbicides, glyphosate, only entering industrial agriculture in the 1970s and 1980s.

What I object to is why, in this country, where water is now a very valuable resource, we want to feed a world which is over-populating by the minute. Present western life-styles are not sustainable and Australia and New Zealand are slowly destroying our environments in our rush to export. Countries, in my view, should feed themselves first from their own land. Grow and eat what suits your environment. Why also do we in the West waste so much food ? With super markets carrying 20 000 plus products on their shelves I would like to know how much is discarded.
Some informative essays on urban environments and how they are evolving with climate change, flora and fauna migration north and south from their once stable habitats and new diseases ect. Great reads so far after finishing 3.


Well worth a listen, parallels too for those who get their hands dirty at ground level…. to those who know ‘best’.

The Pope contradicting himself in Manila. I just don’t understand how these religions can’t see their contradictions. A Jehovah Witness group turned up at my cabin one afternoon and told me how gay people were breaching god’s word. The man who told me that was beardless, wore synthetic fabrics, used an Ipad to quote the old testament from which 3 of his visible violations are from ( Leviticus ). The women wore jewellery and one even make-up. The Jehovahs were in the Nazi’s concentration camps along side of gays, bahais and the Roma people.

From the Pew group:


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