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Bayer just announced it’s dropping the name Monsanto. But we won’t be fooled: Bayer continues to peddle dangerous pesticides that are harming our bees, our planet and the health of our children. We need your support to protect bees, farmers, our food…

Certified Organic.

The king parrots have still not found this bunch of cavendish.  4 more bunches have appeared so I will have to bag them to get some ripe fruit.

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Rain rain, come back please.

Busy week with gale force winds, no rain with rising temps. Power outages as trees pulled the lines down.

My solar lanterns served me well and I read a book at night-  FOR BREAD ALONE – by Mohamed Choukri. Excellent read, autobiography of a illiterate 15 year old street urchin in Tangiers. 1952 when the French were supposed to leave after 40 years occupation.

The power returned after mid night.

Gravity water line has no more water in its source spot so attempted to extend the line by 50 metres uphill.  Now a trickle to hand water the gardens.  Broad beans developing but need water to plump out. Chards, kales, lettuces and broccoli doing well. All seeded from here.

The borage was chewed to the ground by the wallaby invasion of the kitchen garden. Chili in a watering can deterred any more chew offs. Now rebounded with little water from me.

Dinner time ………..with marinated tofu.

Who pays who?


Like the street scenes too. Great song.

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Govern for Australia and our environment, not your egos.

What a fiasco the general election is turning out. The far right are screaming even though Pauline Hanson ( Australia’s Farage) is elected back into the Senate.  She is already calling for a royal commission on Halal food, next it will be kosher, organic certification for clean food , veganism, even Chinese. Unfortunately her words are not based on fact.

I wonder what she thinks of the cruel live animal trade which see’s horrific treatment of animals the moment they are loaded onto cramped ships?

The ultra left has moved to the centre with the Green party losing one of its more articulate senators. The outlook is bleak…………….the environment and climate change barely mentioned, even by the Greens with their new leader proving to be little more than a man in an expensive suit. His support of Senate reform, siding with the conservatives, has given us even more of an uncertain future.

No mention of population numbers and our excessive production of carbon into the atmosphere. Australia considered second, per population, to carbon output to the world’s number 1, Saudi Arabia.


Irony too ABC TV showed a promo from the House of Windsor celebrating the monarchy and the Queen’s 90th alongside of her very privileged family. Advertising rules.



Australia has to grow up. We have to learn how to adapt, from our inflated life styles to actually costing everything we consume and the waste products we spew into the atmosphere. Life style shows on TV are all about 3 bathrooms at least and more living space. Grand designs has a lot to answer for.

The cost of this election campaign ( so much glossy paper in my mail box)  could have provided permanent renewable energy to a city at least.

The Greens should get back to the environment and stop spreading themselves so thinly. The koala is on the verge of extinction.



An off side, those of us who work on regeneration with out herbicides have experienced the same hostility we see in our political class, from the land-care groups who receive generous government grants to use herbicides.

Because we challenge and volunteer our precious time and show by action in our hand removal of plants, considered by some as an invasive, we  remove the need of  the old thinking ( 1970s) that would see a herbicide used. Quick and easy as herbicides seem, the uncovered damage in the long term is just starting to be seen. The Great Barrier reef has traces of herbicide run-off. Our local  Wilson’s Creek is under serious threat from pollutants which start in our valley ( head water ) as Coral trees on its banks are poisoned to then fall into the running water.

See a recent report on the state of Wilsons Creek. Head waters of Coopers and Wilsons are in our Shire, which has one of the highest Green votes in the country, so why are these same voters treating these waters with such disdain?


When I venture into town I see lawns with mounds of ant soil and worm castings on some. Next I see a lawn completely free of the small mounds of recycled soil.  Poisoned.

The same inability to talk to us from the pro herbicide groups, just like  our politicians when elected,  to share the credible science emerging from independent research from all over the world, that Round-up and Dicamba are poisonous to far more than the targeted plant. Chemical Companies own research is what is peddled here. Also the bleak fact that governments take money from these same companies.

Remember what the tobacco companies said all those years ago?

Dedicated locals are out there.

It is time to start working with the environment, not against it.


Just in.

People power just dealt another blow to Monsanto & Co. The European Commission approved Glyphosate (Monsanto Roundup) in the 11th hour last Thursday — but only for 18 months instead of 15 years. And now the agrichemical industry is crying bloody murder!


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Sun, gale force winds and the radio.


Power returned after 48 hours of busyness. Friday town day was fun and sunny. By home time  (4pm)   the winds were gathering strength and by 8pm the power went out. Fumbled around to find candles then ventured out with the torch, to check my power lines close to the cabin. The roar of the wind from all directions was delivering small branches and swirls of leaves as I scurried around checking everything out.

I spied a heavy branch over my phone line, which I could not reach with a bamboo pole, so I expected the phone to go out during the night too.

It didn’t.

I have developed a reasonable attitude to these extreme weather events,  mainly because I accept there is nothing I can do so after a couple of whiskies, I sleep through…. so soundly too as it happened  haha …… then to wake to the deck covered in dried twigs and green leaves with overhangs of branches from the roof.  Then I saw a gap in the tree canopy line,  a Moreton Bay fig tree, a 110 years old at least, snapped off a metre from its 2 metre trunk base. Moreton Bay figs trees were planted to shade the earlier farm houses here. That was because the hills had been stripped of trees for cattle.

Always offer thanks that it didn’t fall on something I needed.  So clear up took half of my daylight hours while the other time was spent sorting and grading 200 kilos of turmeric. Sold as of Monday.

The honey eater followed me around as I listened to the wind up radio while I worked.



Wow, Brexit………………..the young all for staying in the European Union while the older people want out. I am sorry the Uk, a country that colonized a huge percentage of the world and never shied away from taking what it wanted, including workers,  has taken this direction but when you think of it from all perspectives I can understand the vote, as misdirected as I feel it is. When I lived in London, during the Edward Health time of negotiation to join the EEU, major concern was felt in NZ for their dairy exports. Being a New Zealand born dairy farmer’s son I took a keen interest in the developments.  Londoners would commiserate with me because I was a NZer and felt they had betrayed their NZ cousins by joining. “Your people fed us” ordinary Londoners would say to me.

Then, the mood was generally luke warm to joining. But there was also a general relief that Europe was at peace, at last. War sites were visible throughout London and memories of the blitz were still common talk amongst the population. Landladies of the rented bedsits I lived in would often recall their vivid memories of terror.

Those days too rent was affordable, even on the low wages I earned. Even then it was not often I worked in an all English work place, everyone was from somewhere else which made it so exciting and encouraging and educational.


As I viewed the Farage poster with a queue of coloured refugees behind him in a newspaper on Friday, to then pull out of my mail box all the expensive advertising from our tedious election campaign, I thought how the ugliness of advertising has won. Here, words like liar, betrayal, dishonest, scare, spin, ice, 7 year olds, terror ,stopping the boats , all glared out from their glossy coloured back grounds.

The only recycled paper I saw was on the envelope from a Green’s local post out, Standing up for what matters and another leaflet saying that the koala’s natural habitat is shrinking by the month.

So much waste. And so little for the environment.

At least same sex equality wasn’t an issue in the UK.


Turmerics, graded and washed.





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Round-up ready GMO canola and cotton seed.

A little confusion when I heard on Radio National the Greens leader is at odds with the party membership on Round-Up ready canola and cotton seed.

So these are the links the NSW Greens sent me.


Bayer and Monsanto are hell-bent on creating a mega-corporation that would control a significant amount of our global food supply. If these corporate thugs are allowed to join forces, it could put farmers, food affordability, and our planet at risk. We can’t let that happen.

So far, most coverage of the merger has been concentrated in financial news outlets, while the mainstream media ignores the dangers of this deal. Unless we turn up the pressure, these two corporations might just get away with creating a quasi monopoly of our food supply — without the public knowing about it.

Can you help us spread the news about the dangers of this merger by watching this video and sharing it with your friends?bayer merger in the making

A bunch of winter flowers and ginger and turmeric.



White cedar seeding.


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Easter and its sunny.

Usually we see rain this time of the year which always coincides with the Blues Festival. Town was busier than usual when I was there on Wednesday.  From Hipsters to older hippies, an older woman told me she couldn’t wait to see Tom Jones and would be throwing a certain item of clothing at him.

For me a busy weekend………………road side herbicide free weeding tomorrow, a picnic to follow and visitors here later.

I splashed out on the gentlemen’s quarterly,  GQ, to read the Australian Greens leader………Richard Natale in a question and answer section. Skimming through, it is wall to wall Advertisement for very expensive clothes, watches and perfumes. I wonder who stitched the $700 trainers matched by a leather bag at $1920. I will write more after reading his “nuanced” interview.

Below a pic of the roadside ( private) spraying next to a drain. Byron Shire. Poisoned water finding its way to the ocean.



Hello dear supporters!


Just a little email to tell you that I’m very exited, we are now almost a thousand to have signed the petition!

This is great and I can’t express how grateful I am for your help in achieving our first milestone!

So let’s keep the momentum!

Here is the link for you to share and let’s show how wrong those people are to blindly following guidelines made by an organisation (the APVMA) that receives funds from Monsanto (biggest seller of glyphosate based herbicides)!!!



Jeremy Douriaux



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Starbucks has teamed up with Monsanto to sue Vermont, and stop accurate food labeling.

Tell Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee to withdraw support for the lawsuit — we have a right to know what we put in our mouths.

Sign the Petition

What happens when small farmers in Guatemala save seeds from one year to the next, as they have for centuries? They get up to four years in prison.

That’s according to the “Monsanto Law,” which was recently struck down by Guatemala’s highest court.

But now Monsanto is saying the law is required under free trade deals, and it’s likely only a matter of time before it launches a wave of lawsuits to force Guatemala to give in.

Developing nations like Guatemala have no chance against a corporate superpower like Monsanto — that’s why we’re standing with Guatemala and fighting to stop the expansion of trade deals that allow this kind of bullying.

Ghana’s farmers battle ‘Monsanto law’ to retain seed freedom

Ghana’s government is desperate to pass a Plant Breeders Bill that would remove farmers’ ancient ‘seed freedom’ to grow, retain, breed and develop crop varieties – while giving corporate breeders a blanket exemption from seed regulations. Now the farmers are fighting back.

If Ghana passes the Plant Breeders Bill it gives away control of its agriculture and food supply for nothing but empty promises. The Bill makes a gift of Ghana’s land and agriculture to Agribusiness TNCs.
Farmers in Ghana are on the frontlines of a battle. The national parliament has just returned from its summer break – and the first item on their legislative agenda is the government’s controversial Plant Breeders Bill.


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November 8, 2014 · 11:48 pm

Australian Organic.


Worth keeping an eye on.

Changes from my Organic certifier.

Company Name

CHANGED TO: Australian Organic Ltd

CHANGED FROM: Biological Farmers of Australia Ltd

Company Address

CHANGED TO: 18 Eton St (PO Box 810) Nundah Qld 4012

CHANGED FROM: 766 Gympie Rd (PO Box 530) Chermside Qld 4032

Fax Number

CHANGED TO: 07 3266 5996

CHANGED FROM: 07 3350 5996

Primary Email Address

CHANGED TO: contact@austorganic.com

CHANGED FROM: info@bfa.com.au

Web Address

CHANGED TO: http://www.austorganic.com

Now a send up.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ErRHJlE4PGI

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