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Monday town day.


Arrived into Mullumbimby town at 7 am. Not a trace of the well attended week-end Music festival with the exception of a few young men wandering the streets. I spotted the below image etched into a newly laid footpath walking back into town from the rapidly expanding Industrial zone.

Lets hope our newly elected Council secures the phasing out of herbicide use, as promised.

I saw a truck with a huge (painted Green) tank with spraying ahead signs leaving the Industrial Zone.


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Very busy few days with the cooler than usual weather helping. Last of the turmeric and ginger ready to leave the gardens. All washed, graded and ready to bag.

Olivia, from the GREEN HOUSE GROCER, 63 Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby¬† 0266843313, has started her garden visits to purchase whatever is on offer. Really good initiative from Michaela Gray, the shop’s proprietor. Olivia arrived this morning and we had a garden tour and she returned to town with chilli, turmeric, ginger and yacon.

Selling on for a reasonable mark-up its great to know, the grower where it all begins, from seed to harvest, is not being exploited.

Yesterday spent half the day scattering seeds from Black Apples, bolly gums and bangalow palms. Mulched around merging rain forest trees in our regeneration site.



Outrageous reality which is probably the same here in Australia. All the fossil fuel the synthetic fertilizer’s, the pesticides and herbicides, all to end up as waste and leeching into our environment.


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Poisoning Water which ends up in the Ocean.




Catalyst - Micro-Plastics / Tassie's Secrets - Episode 7

Micro-Plastics / Tassie’s Secrets

Series 17 | Episode 7GCCDOCUMENTARY/FACTUAL28 mins

We look into marine life in Australia, to find out what plastics escape our household drains & what kind of damage they can do. And the geology of north-western Tasmania reveals similarities to Antarctica. #ABCcatalyst


Photos are of herbicide poisoning alongside and in some cases, into running water.

Below, alongside Wilson’s Creek.


Left Bank Road.


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