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Byron Chemical Free New site.

Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare’s next fortnightly working bee will be on Saturday, the 17th of June, from 9 am to 1 pm, at Brunswick Heads Crown Land Reserve site. Meet at the end of South Beach Road fire track gate, not far from the Surf Club. We will be working on the front dune, doing Bitou Bush seedlings.

This month we also will held an event on the 12th of June, public holiday, at Federal Community Preschool. We will be removing Duranta, another popular nursery plant, that has become a  environmental weed. It’s seeds are highly poisonous to pets and children, with one death of a 2.5 year old being recorded in Queensland. We will prune it and remove with the tree poppers. All welcome to come and help, I have 10 pairs of loppers to share. Thick leather gloves, as it has large thorns.The Pre school is located at 898 Binna Burra Road, FEDERAL NSW 2480.

Please wear boots, long sleeved shirt and long pants, a hat, gloves, and bring water, rain coat and some morning tea. Tools and first aid kit will be provided. Please call 0478272300 to find us if you come later.

Letter from The Greens.


Dear Donald, thanks for your email regarding the use of Glyphosate.
The Greens are supporters of chemical-free weed control methods. Only this year, new Greens Leader and health spokesperson Richard Di Natale wrote to the Office of Chemical Safety requesting a review of glyphosate use in Australia following research by the International Agency for Research on that claimed that glyphosate was a probable carcinogen. See: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-26/chemical-group-disputes-finding-that-glyphosate-causes-cancer/6349246

A new study finds that Indian farmers in rain-fed areas are being driven to suicide from the increased cost of growing Bt GMO cotton varieties that confer no benefits to them, writes Eva Sirinathsinghji. The extra expenses arise from buying new seeds each year, along with increased chemical inputs, while suffering inadequate access to agronomic information.

Alternative systems such as organic farming have already been shown to produce superior yields. Bt cotton, instead of bringing farmers out of debt, is fuelling the problem and should be replaced by short-season, local and organically grown varieties.
A new study directly links the crisis of suicides among Indian farmers to Bt cotton adoption in rain-fed areas, where most of India’s cotton is grown.

Many fall into a cycle of debt from the purchase of expensive, commercialised GM seeds and chemical inputs that then fail to yield enough to sustain farmers’ livelihoods.



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105 mls of Rain.

What a relief.

After a week of searing heat, yesterday real rain fell and everyone sighed in relief.

Especially the frogs.




And Henrietta very comfortable with her two little ones.




Thank you John Berger whom I read widely in the 80s in London.




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Watching another wallaby.


Green’s beginning to implode or still growing up ?

Take the environment back to the core Greens.  Australia is increasing its carbon output. Our indigenous species are in free fall and our creeks and rivers are in very poor health.



And an earlier report……….https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/aug/02/i-joined-the-greens-because-of-bob-brown-but-now-he-has-broken-my-hear


Boycott bad eggs!

If you pay extra for free range eggs, you deserve the real deal. But there are plenty of “free range” eggs on supermarket shelves that come from chickens kept in cramped conditions that are not guaranteed to go outside.

Eggs that come from chickens that don’t go outside regularly or have high stocking densities don’t deserve the free range label. Boycott these eggs because the government’s regulation on this is insufficient.

When you join the campaign we’ll send you a list of free range eggs that we think are the real deal, the list of bad eggs and an app to help you find real free range in the supermarket.

After a week of rain.

After a week of rain.

Update before the next year. Over 2 hours long but a valuable catch up to why and where the planet is now.






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December 22, 2016 · 9:21 pm

Creeks and drains are for water, not herbicides.

Shea updating a sign with her art work.

Spraying into a drain, Left Bank Road, October 2016

From the NSW Greens.

We have just finished the end of the last session of the year in the NSW Parliament and the Senate is about to wrap up – and what a shameful display by the Liberal/National Baird and Turnbull Governments it has been!

In the NSW Parliament they have rammed through changes that will undermine ICAC, the body that holds corrupt politicians and their mates to account. They have weakened laws that protect our environment and biodiversity, to allow increased land clearing. They have put our crown lands at risk of sell-off and overdevelopment. And they have introduced cruel shark nets in our oceans.

While the laws that passed were bad – as Greens MPs we successfully amended the laws to protect commons across NSW, and made sure that the views of so many that the Baird Liberal/National Government ignores were heard.

Sunday night dinner.


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Beyond the Coal Rush. Radio National. A.B.C.

Coal and the future. Science Show………….Radio National. September 10th.


And a rare insight into the N.S.W Greens.


The environment should always be the Number 1 focus for the Greens, my view 20 years ago and its the same now.



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