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Rain and living with the media.

More rain has soon seen the saturated ground discard the water as soon as it falls. Already access out is impossible so captured indoors with the radio as company. I expect power and phone to soon drop out.

Election campaign is already dominating the serious radio stations. So I hope this rain soon stops so I can get out-side again because I think 6 months of listening to this would drive most of us mad. This morning why the Greens have not got more traction, in my view and based on our local level, where the green vote is high, it is obvious as we have seen this Shire turn into an international party and expensive life style real estate destination with very little emphasis on what to me is the basis of being an environmentalist or Green voter . For a start our local Green leaders could have been at the forefront of promoting and supporting Organic food growing/value adding on the acres of mown lawns around the Shire.  If a country like Bhutan can go totally organic, using its human waste amongst all other organic matter as a fertiliser, why can’t Byron ?

And then there is the lack of educating on energy use and where our energy actually comes from. Not in my back-yard is a common theme yet we all rely on fossil fuel for our basic transport and cooking requirements. ( In an aside, the irony  for Australia as we export millions of tons of tax-free coal/liquid gas to China to produce virtually everything we now buy when Chinese cities are  choking their people with the emissions from the factories that produce our consumer index goods ).  If our tourist attraction had been promoted as having  a clean, herbicide/pesticide free food reality in all our restaurants and food out-lets, where possible, our attraction to those tourists who want to see how it is done would have been far stronger, ethically and morally, to what we have now . And then there is the use of   herbicides to keep the trims trimmed and tree plantings weeded. When I go out with Jayne on the mail run I see Stop Coal Seam gas mining signs sticking out of chemically sprayed grass. Why ?

Youth unemployment  channeled into inefficient training courses whereas locally sponsored/supported environmental work would be a better start for many. We need shovels, brush-hooks and whipper snippers on our roads instead of heavy machinery and spray packs which put more expensive rate paid for gravel into our creeks and drains. Edges of our roads should be planted out with the likes of lomandra with the plentiful rocks which would prevent the number of edge slips we are now experiencing.

On a Federal level the Greens have done a lot better ( except no-one dares talk about population numbers ) but to me it always has to start at a local level first. And for me this Shire is a very poor example of people not practicing what they preach.  Is there anyone out there who wants to harvest all the trees that have recently fallen in our recent cyclone ? Could replace some of the wood now sold from way beyond here in Mitre 10. And there are all the camphor trees that are being poisoned. Can’t they be value added ?

All the poisons sprayed now out to sea in the flood. Do round-up users, some employed by our once green council, think of where the residue of this poison finally ends up ? Do they really believe what the makers say, that its fauna friendly ?

So as the accelerating climate reality takes hold it will be all about adaptation and we need real leaders not embedded with opinion polls, vested interests, lobbyists and very rich multinationals/individuals who have the ear of our very average leaders. Exception possibly could be Christine Milne, leader of the Federal Greens, someone who speaks a lot of sense to me but I am not optimistic to the next period in Australia’s politic. The argument used against the Federal Greens is that they are for the environment first and that jobs come second. I see hundreds if not thousands of jobs just in repairing our degraded land ( growing trees absorb CO2 ) and then there is all the unlocked potential for smaller agriculture holdings coming back into their own with growing and supplying local food markets. Mega farms, like mega supermarkets do not bode well for sustainability and full employment.


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