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Shark nets deadly toll.

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales in Parliament assembled:
This Petition of certain citizens of New South Wales brings to the attention of the House that:
Shark nets do not provide point-to-point protection for swimmers and surfers.
Shark nets kill all types of sharks, including endangered species. Shark nets also kill turtles, dolphins, stingrays and other marine life.
The undersigned petitioners ask the NSW Government to:
Stop shark nets from being placed off the beaches of the Ballina – Byron area
Fund non-lethal methods such as shark spotting

Sign here: http://www.tamarasmith.com.au/stop_shark_nets?recruiter_id=145036


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Humidity and 130 mls of rain.

Its always an amazing feeling when rain follows extreme heat. And what heavy rain it was. My access road is severely rutted and today I will bucket gravel up from the newly created drain to fill the worst of the pot holes.

During the rain a goanna came and sprawled out on the verandah and rolled around in ecstasy in the warm water.




Einstein, he say:

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking that we had when we created them.’
– which is why we continue to create problems.
Selfish humans again…………………… why can’t we adapt?¬† As the oceans get warmer and our river outlets are changing the ecology of the salt/dirty water as they merge, humans need to wake up.

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