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Sir David Attenborough has said he is more encouraged about the future health of Earth than he has been for some time after a “worldwide shift” in attitudes about concern for the natural world and the damage that humans are doing to the planet.

The veteran wildlife broadcaster said there are “signs of hope” for the health of the planet and called the Paris climate change agreement a “big advance” in an interview at the Edinburgh TV festival despite President Donald Trump’s disengagement.

“I spend a lot of time wringing my hands and saying how dreadful it is that this forest has been obliterated and that sea has been polluted and whatever,” Attenborough said. “But there are signs of hope.


Australia out of step.


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More Rain.

In-between showers I take the camera out and photograph, searching for the extraordinary explosion of fungi sprouting on fallen branches, patches of exposed soil and tree trunks. Recycling in its purest form, not inhibited by herbicides or pesticides.

In the pond this afternoon.

Click on photo to enlarge.

The tadpoles feasting on a pineapple top. Click on photos to see their eyes.


Distressing news this morning on the upsurge of Queensland’s  land clearing.  Seems to fit nicely with the Queensland’s labour government’s fill steam ahead with the Adani Coal mine approval.

Why do we have environment ministers, both federal and state when laws are not enforced and banks profits come way ahead on the environment ?




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