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Putting real physical action ahead of Green rhetoric.

Working bee, Saturday 29th October at 7 15 am, parking first left after MILL road heading out towards Huonbrook.  We are racing against time due to the rapid growth of the JUMP-SEED we are removing. Some are already developing flower sets. We need two extra pair of hands.

Phone 66840104 or chemfreeregen@gmail.com for confirmation.

Gloves, hat, covering clothing, water and sturdy boots. We have mattocks and bags for removal.

This is an initiative from HUONBROOK HERBICIDE FREE volunteers, supported by Byron Shire Council.



Such a relief to work back slashing, pulling and mulching lantana.  Watching and listening to the media is not good for one’s mental health.

Unusually cool mornings have made work easier. Flocks of brown pigeons feasting on the tobacco bush with crimson rosellas darting all around.  Tobacco bush is a regular target for herbicide removal.  An important food source for many of our remaining birds which had their original food sources removed when humans advanced into their habitat.

In my observations here over the years is that tobacco is one of the first to colonize after we have removed and mulched lantana (pic below), along with scotch thistle – signifying a rich soil nitrogen content. We hoe around any emerging rain forest seedlings which soon flourish, over whelming the tobacco and any other grounded introduced so called weeds within three or four years. Another visual reality is the rapidity of the growth of plants now, reported as a result of the increased carbon in the atmosphere.


Clusters of red, white and pencil cedars are emerging throughout the earlier worked areas.  I will transplant out on the first wet week opportunity. There are 100s so if anyone wishes to pot any on, welcome to come and participate.

My pigeon companion keeping an eye on me as I work.




Watch The Drum   ABC TV 25th October  Sue HIgginson from the EDO plus 2 others with the Institute of Public Affairs.

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