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Working bee at the Community Hall.

Good working bee at the Wilson Creek Hall. Robyn whipper snipped the grass, Dave extended the lomandras plantings and I brush hooked the lantana creeping across the road edge barrier.


You may remember that I emailed you a few months ago about the Government’s Review of its National Gene Technology Scheme. The government has a clear agenda to lift the state moratoria on genetically modified (GM) crops, remove GM food labelling, deregulate a number of new GM techniques and to allow the GM contamination of organics.

The Government will be hosting a series of workshops around the country over the following weeks – starting with Sydney and Adelaide this week. Please register and let them know what you think of their plans to gut the regulation of GMOs in this country.
And if you haven’t already, please email the Assistant Health Minister to ensure that all GMOs are assessed for safety before being released into the environment and our food chain.
Thanks so much for your support!


Those who serve themselves.




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Are you a local? We need 2 extra hands on Saturday, 1st October.

Saturday,  October 1,  7 30 am to 10 30 am, Huonbrook Herbicide free Volunteers are starting our yearly eradication of the emerging Jump-seed plants along side of the Public road. A hardy plant, clumped roots and with the stunning ability to throw its seeds some distance, we are slowly reducing its impact by careful removal.

Our efforts are beginning the third year with well over 500 kilos of the plant removed by hand.  Our efforts began after land-care insisted on the spraying campaign to which Council employed contractors to do just that. Our reaction was anger as we had already started our removal efforts. Some frontages were already registered on Herbicide free registers.

Since, Council has provided us with signs and insurance cover.

But few who say they support our environmental efforts put their hands up to actually come and help us.





Boots, bright clothes, gloves, hat and water. Mill Road, 7 15 am.

If you want to help phone 66 840 104   and I might even prepare you a vegetarian lunch.

Jayne and I would like to sincerely thank our UNPAID volunteers. Pav ( Marc), Tim Fry, Lily and Robyn, who takes the removed Jump-seed to Myocum tip for safe disposal.

A very busy bower.




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Saturday 30th.

Simon hiked out this morning, getting his wish for a storm last night.

60 mls fell with-in 60 minutes following 2 previous days of extreme heat coupled with high humidity.

Managed to get a few trays of tomatoes for sun drying which were well advanced after the intense sun.



Simon ready to hitch out of the valley. Great visit Simon, thank-you for your help and input.Simon-ready-for-his-next-adventure



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