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Busy days with tree branch stacking, general garden clear up with dried  foliage ready for composting or burning, in my annual ash for the garden fire.

Simon and Nana have arrived for 2 nights so with 2 extra pair of hands, a good three hours meant 8 hours less for me.  Pav chained saw two trees fallen across my workers track for easier access when our slash, pull and mulch lantana work begins. Also edge of garden over hangs fallen.

Still extremely humid but the forecasted storms miss our valley this week.

Nana and Simon preparing for our garden stir fry.



And ready to eat.


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Daniel Barenboim

Wow…… a night of a garden dinner, kale, spinach, celery, garlic, ginger,onion, turmeric,zuccini, pumpkin, parsley, tofu …….with a pineapple added to the stir fry. Delicious if I may say. Served on a steamed lentil and rice plate.

And then some music, accompanied by a smooth red wine that Jayne brought in. Showers in-between clear sky giving us contrasting colour over our dinner table. A tick has swollen my ear so my hearing has been alleviated to acute. Earlier enjoyed Sinead O’Connor and Bob Dylan and then to end the evening with
piano and dancing to Beethoven. A sombre yet beautiful interlude, rain gently falling and Daniel Barenbiom playing. I feel privileged to listen and to dance to the sound. Watching his fingers playing the key board on the lap top screen as the rain fell on the roof. Great harmony.
I slept well.

My nieces and nephews all play a musical instrument. Lucky them.


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