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Tim joined Jayne and I for another 4 hour jumpseed removal. Another effort should see all we see removed. Flowering and about to set seed we are just in time this year. The weather hasn’t been amenable to close ground weeding. One leech this morning and it clenched into my head with a stream of blood down my face.


Came home for a delicious breakfast of poached eggs, rye toast, avocado and Tim’s fermented cabbage with my tamarillo and pumpkin chutney. Coffee too from the trees here.


Spot the bee on a yacon flower.


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Sun, cool and cloud gathering.

The sun has been shining which has given me yesterday afternoon and this morning in the garden. What a treat, peeling back succulents and rampaging pumpkin vines and Ceylon spinach. Finding alsorts of self sown seedlings, like carrots, mizuna and lettuces. Blushing turmeric and ginger are bursting out of the ground, ideal times for candied ginger as its not developed the fibre yet. A little bland in stir fries.

Galangal and Yacons are still growing with the yacon budding up to flower.

A corner where  turmeric and sweet chives with a sweet potato advancing. Ginger in the background.


So the senate is set to change. I will miss the cross benchers if they go. I think they have contributed amply ( whether you agree or disagree with their views) by talking with and to the ordinary Australian on their particular  passion. Jackie Lamby stands out, on her substantial  advocacy for veteran affairs and talking openly on being a Mother.


Yacon budding up.


And the first Yacon flower of 2016.



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Banana feast.

King Parrot.
Beautiful days, sun and cool. Perfect time to catch up in the garden. A self seeded view.

Ginger, turmeric, lemons and limes, mint, mustard, yacons.

And what we always knew.

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Sprinting into July with days when the sun actually stays shining. Harvesting the last of the prolific Yacon….8 kilos of tubers off one plant. yacon-harvest Reading Malka Marom……… in conversation with Joni Mitchell……… Titled…….. ‘IN HER OWN WORDS’…. Joni suffers from a very rare disease called Morgellons and when she talks about her illness she describes it…….. ‘ Morgellons is a body snatcher. The invasion of the body snatchers (she laughs). My body is like the earth. What we have done to the earth by overpopulating it, this disease has done the same to my body, by overpopulating it.’

They paved paradise And put up a parking lot   “Big Yellow Taxi”.

We are stardust, We are golden And we have got to get ourselves Back to the garden   “Woodstock”.

Joni recently suffered an aneurysm, press releases as to her condition are as varied and wide ranging as the many reviews she has had during her career as a composer, writer, poet, singer, dancer and artist.

We’re captive on the carousel of time

we can’t return,

we can only look behind

From where we came

And go round and round and round In the circle game.

Thank-you Joni Mitchell. You’ve supported and comforted many of us during your fantastic contribution to humanity.

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Winter Garden.

In-between showers, enjoying working in the gardens. Finding a lone avocado on the tree, then the lemons and limes and oranges with the last of the tamarillos. Yacons, sweet potato and yams plentiful. And the ginger, still flowering, plump and sweet.


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Garden to sooth disappointment from WA>

Garden days as turmeric and ginger harvest underway. Yacon is also ready to dig.
Yacon in flower.

WA supreme court rules.

The future of organic and non GM food in Australia is uncertain after a WA farmer today lost his legal battle with a neighbouring farmer.

Steve Marsh lost organic certification on his Kojonup farm – and most of his livelihood – when his farm was contaminated by GM canola. He sued his neighbour in the WA Supreme Court for his losses, and to protect his farm into the future.

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I have grown Yacon  (also called the earth apple in the Andes where it originates )  for a few years now and value it as a raw treat in autumn and winter  while working in the garden. Its tubers are still valued as a water source in some parts of South America but also more importantly, they are rich in the indigestible sugar – inulin – which is used extensively in the Philippines in the making of sweets .  Also a vital sweetening agent for diabetics and without the calories.

Yacon is a perennial plant, easy to grow in soil which tomatoes would do well. I plant it along the edges of my gardens as it tends to grow to a metre or more. It sets small daisy like yellow flowers in autumn after which I begin to scrape the soil away from around the large edible tubers alongside smaller yam like tuber roots ( pups ) which will be re planted for next years crop.

Various uses in the kitchen and I recommend a google or other search for a myriad of recipes. I like it raw in salads or just as it is. The leaves too shouldn’t be undervalued as the can be used as a successful substitute for vine and cabbage leaves.

 Thanks to my reading of   Mark Diacono’s  ‘ A Taste Of  The Unexpected ‘- Quadrille Books.

I have yacon (pups) available if any one locally would like some. Donation payment toward chemical free rain-forest regeneration labour costs.

email me at chem.free.regen@gmail.com


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