Rain and more to come.

Heavy rain over night, tree down over my direct access but as the causeway has a metre of water rushing over it, there is no way a vehicle can get in.

I am not confident with chain saws but I have invested in a new Stihl I will study the manual and hopefully get it started.

Rodney Weidland Photo.


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Brown Pigeons.

Finally got a decent photo of the brown pigeons as they come onto the drive gravel to find food.


Asian honey bees paste pellets of animal poo on to their nests to repel attacks by giant killer hornets, scientists have revealed.

The attacks can involve dozens of the heavily armoured hornets and lead to the “mass slaughter” of thousands of bees, the researchers said, after which the hornets carry off the bee larvae to feed their own offspring. But in a continuing evolutionary arms race, the bees have developed defence mechanisms such as hissing at them or mobbing the hornets to suffocate them.


However, the newly discovered strategy using faeces shocked the scientists because bees are famously hygienic in order to prevent disease in their hives. The team do not yet know exactly why the poo pellets are particularly repulsive.

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Christmas approaching.

No recall of the last year Christmas Day…….smoke and fire had continued since 2019s September.

This year humidity restricts my daily movements but the feast from the gardens is very satisfying.

Walked many ks along the beach recently and enjoyed a cruise up the Brunswick River with 20 other locals. Sadly I forgot to carry my camera.

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Cynical and every reason to be.



New Zealand has declared a climate change emergency and committed to a carbon-neutral government by 2025, in what the prime minister Jacinda Ardern called “one of the greatest challenges of our time”.

A motion tabled in parliament on Wednesday recognised “the devastating impact that volatile and extreme weather will have on New Zealand and the wellbeing of New Zealanders, on our primary industries, water availability, and public health through flooding, sea level rise, and wildfire”.


Thirty-two other nations have formally acknowledged the global crisis by declaring a climate emergency.

The motion acknowledged the “alarming trend in species decline and global biodiversity” including the decline in New Zealand’s indigenous biodiversity.
The declaration of a climate emergency was supported by the Green Party and Māori Party and opposed by the National and Act parties.

Speaking in parliament after its introduction, Ardern said the country must “act with urgency”.

“This declaration is an acknowledgement of the next generation. An acknowledgement of the burden that they will carry if we do not get this right and do not take action now,” she said.

“It is up to us to make sure we demonstrate a plan for action, and a reason for hope.”

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War of the weedkiller: why environmentalists are concerned about moves to ban Roundup.

War of the weedkiller: why environmentalists are concerned about moves to ban Roundup

War of the weedkiller: why environmentalists are concerned about moves to ban Roundup | Environment | The Guardian



The Australian Government is surrounded by leaders taking climate action. Will it step up? – ABC News

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Baking Cakes.

Christmas is coming so I have baked 6 cakes to be given as Christmas gifts,

Belinda Jeffery’s Recipe from her Mix and Bake series.



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Fire Flies.

Last night I watched no more than 6 fire flies darting through the trees. IN the past there has always been many more than I watched. How ever few, it was pure pleasure watching them as they darted in straight lines across the terrain.


Black Cockatoo.

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Alarming reality.



Hens here enjoying a sun bathe.


After a week of rain.


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From the guardian.

Australia risks becoming an isolated laggard in addressing the climate crisis, without obvious allies to shelter it from rising international pressure to act, as the US takes a leadership role under Joe Biden, experts say.

The president-elect has declared addressing climate change “the No 1 issue facing humanity” and promised $2tn in climate spending and policies to put the US on a path to 100% clean electricity by 2035 and net zero emissions no later than 2050.


Biden last week promised to rejoin the Paris agreement, which due to a quirk of timing the US officially left on the day after the election, on his first day in office and has said he would “use every tool of American foreign policy to push the rest of the world” to increase their ambition to combat the problem.

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