A week of depressing news. From the live sheep trade to total disrespect for the environment.

Farmers’ associations, the Tasmanian deputy premier and a Tasmanian Liberal senator lobbied the environment and energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, not to grant critically endangered status to woodlands eligible for protection under Australia’s national environment laws.
In 2017 the independent threatened species scientific committee, which provides scientific advice to the government about conserving threatened species, recommended two new woodlands be listed as critically endangered ecological communities under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.
The first, poplar box grassy woodlands on alluvial plains, a type of grassy eucalypt woodland found in New South Wales and Queensland, was recommended for a critically endangered listing in April 2017.


It always makes me want to yell when after the 4 Corners programme on ABC tv, on the shocking reality of the live sheep trade cargo ships, a couple of years ago.  The huge public outcry that followed- but it seems that  the 4 Corners shocking footage has meant nothing to our watchdogs.

Thousands of sheep die cruel stifling deaths in the live sheep trade. And it is still happening.

Surely each sheep farmer that provided the sheep for export are as equally angry as most humane humans are. And angry too at their politicians, as unaccountable as they now seem to be.


And then there are the banks and AMP.


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MANUS Avicii.

This gallery is sobering.


Time to dance, give the whole body a different work out.

This young Swedish DJ – AVICII – has died in Oman aged 28. I had never heard of him so I watched this video. Fun and it could get you dancing.


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Snakes, goannas still active.




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Public Health versus Corporate profit.

Latest agency findings ignore science
Dear don,

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just released its safety evaluation for glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, Roundup. Not surprisingly, EPA’s findings pretty much mirror Monsanto’s talking points: there’s nothing to worry about, the widely used product is perfectly safe.

We’re not buying it. EPA is ignoring recent scientific evidence linking glyphosate to cancer and other human health problems.

The public comment period is now open, and the agency is required to respond to all submitted concerns. Tell EPA they need to do better!

The weak glyphosate assessment fits right into EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s track record of putting corporate profits before public health.

And as investigative reporter Carey Gillam documents in her recent book Whitewash, Monsanto operatives have been working hard to influence the agency’s position on glyphosate for years.

Enough is enough. Sign on today, and we’ll add your voice to thousands calling on EPA to take the health threats from Monsanto’s Roundup seriously.

Back in 2015, the World Health Organization’s prestigious International Agency for Cancer Research designated glyphosate a “probable human carcinogen.” Researchers have also linked glyphosate with other health effects like hormone disruption and reduced liver function.

Yet this chemical remains one of the mostly widely used in the country, from farms to home gardens, public parks to school playing fields.

Remind EPA officials they work for us, not Monsanto. Urge them to revamp their evaluation of glyphosate with public health in mind.

Thanks for all you do.

And from our local Echo..



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21 st April, a working bee with the ocean behind you.

Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare
AttachmentsApr 12 (5 days ago)
to bcc: me
Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare next fortnightly working bee will be on Saturday, the 21st of April, from 9 am to 1 pm, at Brunswick Heads Crown Land Reserve site. Meet at the end of South Beach Road fire track gate, not far from the Surf Club. Please wear boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants, a hat, gloves and bring water, rain coat and some morning tea. Tools and first aid kit will be provided.
The task will be to remove Bitou bush primary work, South of the horse access track. Enter the fire trial gate, walk along (300 m) it until you get to the second gate. Turn left and you will see us on the right side, towards the beach.

Ellen White 0448 097 800
Project Mentor

BSCFL is a project of Mullum Seed

Mullumbimby Sustainability Education and Enterprise Development Incorporated


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The week of the snake and baza.

A very malnourished carpet snake came to the end pineapple turmeric garden 6 weeks ago. When ever I was working close to the ground it would come towards me in a lethargic way.

Yesterday it lay dead with another much larger carpet snake next to it. This morning, a second large well nourished carpet snake has appeared.  They faced off but slithered away when I arrived, without the camera unfortunately. Territory wars ahead maybe? Hopefully much cooler weather on the way.

There are three much younger carpet snakes in the outside garden. With 3 new pullets, raised in a cage, its been a little fraught letting them free range with out me with them. I check where the snakes are coiled up before I let them out of the hen house. Goannas too are still looking for food.

Wednesday last, a baza crested hawk swooped up the 4th pullet, a shy black australope. I had just come indoors and I hadn’t checked the trees for danger. The baza keeps silent. All I saw was a glistening light grey baza andthe black pullet disappearing into the trees.

Kookaburras stalk tiny chickens.


Now lantana slash, pull, mulch season is underway we usually take what ever fruit from the gardens. Now the Cavendish bananas are fruiting, ideal hard labour refreshment.

Chilli chilli chilli. Harvest on Tuesday when a chilli sauce maker is coming to pick.


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Shame shame shame.


DOJ Approves Bayer-Monsanto Mega Merger Despite Significant Concerns from Farmers, Consumers, Environmentalists
April 9, 2018

Department Of Justice Ignores 1 Million People Who Spoke Out Against Merger
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of Justice has chosen to green light the Bayer-Monsanto merger despite widespread opposition from farmers and other stakeholders across the country. The news comes after the delivery of more than 1 million public comments opposing the merger. A recent survey of farmers found that 93% of farmers are against the merger. After the merger, only four companies will control the vast majority of seeds and agrochemicals, threatening farmers, consumers and the environment.

Jason Davidson, Food and Technology Campaign Associate with Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement in response:

The Department of Justice has decided that corporate profits matter more than the interests of consumers and farmers. This decision will massively increase the power of major agrichemical companies that already have a stranglehold on our food system.

American farmers will see increased seed prices, fewer options, and decreased bargaining power. This merger from hell will further entrench the failing model of toxic, chemical intensive agriculture, which is poisoning people and the planet.

Communications Contact: Erin Jensen, (202) 222-0722, ejensen@foe.org

Along with all the herbicides, pesticides, fungicides that run into our rivers.



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