A Sydney screening.


Dear Don,

You’re invited to a screening of the film Sonic Sea, followed by a Q&A session, on Tuesday 11 October at the Dendy cinema in Newtown, Sydney.

Sonic Sea is a visually splendid documentary about the impact of industrial and military noise on whales and other marine life. It tells the story of a tragic mystery involving a mass stranding of whales in the Bahamas and changed forever the way we understand our impact on the ocean.

The film is narrated by Rachel McAdams and features the musician and environmentalist Sting. It examines one of the latest threats to our marine environment and the species that depend on it, an issue highlighted in Australia by recent work done by EDO NSW.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with our CEO, Solicitor Sue Higginson and our Scientific Director, Dr Megan Kessler.

Please join us for an exploration and discussion of legal issues and avenues to help protect our oceans for all who depend on it.

All proceeds will go towards our Environmental Defence Fund. If you can’t make it on the night but still want to help us continue our work, please make a donation.



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Dusk, Saturday 24th September.


2 polls for what they mean. Climate change and equality.


And shameless using of the LBGTI community by the government who is at odds with most of the country.


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September 25, 2016 · 8:58 pm

Bees and what we can do.

Worth listening to. The decline of bees and what all of us can do. Here, with spring upon us, the bees are buzzing everywhere.



Have you ever considered the politics behind bees and honey?

They are multi-million dollar industries around the world.

So what do we do now that bee populations are being killed by varroa mite, habitat destruction and the everyday pesticides we use in and around our homes?

Bees (and our food) are under threat… so now what?
Listen now(Link will open in new window)Download audio
Friday 23 September 2016 9:30AM (view full episode)



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The Hague.

Support the Monsanto Tribunal

Support the Monsanto Tribunal

Between 14th – 16th October an international people’s tribunal will look at the impacts Monsanto and their products have had on the health of people and the planet. It is suspected that the effects of products such as Round Up are, and will, have huge long-term negative impacts.

Right now they are calling for support, so if you feel strongly about the health of this planet and it’s inhabitants consider making a small financial contribution here.

The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, for crimes against humanity, and for ecocide. Eminent judges will hear testimonies from victims, and deliver an advisory opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice. A parallel People’s Assembly provides the opportunity for social movements to rally and plan for the future we want. The Tribunal and People’s Assembly will take place between 14 and 16 October 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands.
For an increasing number of people from around the world, Monsanto today is the symbol of industrial agriculture. This chemical-intensive form of production pollutes the environment, accelerates biodiversity loss, and massively contributes to global warming.
Monsanto promotes an agroindustrial model that contributes at least one third of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions; it is also largely responsible for the depletion of soil and water resources, species extinction and declining biodiversity, and the displacement of millions of small farmers worldwide. This is a model that threatens peoples’ food sovereignty by patenting seeds and privatizing life.

Extract from http://www.monsanto-tribunal.org

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Once in power.


I like the idea of a promise tracker listed in the comments section. We need one here so our newly elected Councilors’ can be kept on track by the electors.

From the Australian Conservation Foundation.

We’re going back to court.

On behalf of all Australians passionate about our reef, we just lodged our appeal on the Federal Court’s decision to rule against our case challenging approval of Adani’s giant Carmichael coal mine.

Like you, we don’t accept that our Federal Environment Minister has the right to ignore the impact 4.6 billion tonnes of climate pollution will have on our Great Barrier Reef, just because it’s too hard to measure.

It’s absurd. And we must take a stand. That’s why we’re going back to court.

One of our most generous donors has agreed to match every dollar donated to this appeal up to $35,000, effectively doubling every dollar given.

Will you make the most of this generous offer and give $25 now to help cover the court and campaign costs for this appeal? Create real change and double your impact today.

Make no mistake, Adani’s Carmichael mine proposal is massive. It will lock in decades of dangerous climate pollution – further damaging the reef and threatening all living things.

If this coal mine goes ahead it will be the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. It is one of a handful of projects that currently threaten life on Earth – along with the Canadian tar sands, deep water oil mining in Brazil, and oil drilling in the Arctic.





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Working beneath the cliff.


Steep climb to inspect regrowth beneath the cliffs. Extraordinary native regrowth with few surviving lantana.


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Byron Councillors……..

There are 8 Councillors to be elected from 36 candidates.

Michael LYON (GRN) was declared elected to position 1 on 17 September 2016.
Paul SPOONER (CLP) was declared elected to position 2 on 17 September 2016.
Jeannette MARTIN (GRN) was declared elected to position 3 on 17 September 2016.
Sarah NDIAYE (GRN) was declared elected to position 4 on 17 September 2016.
Basil CAMERON (OSF) was declared elected to position 5 on 17 September 2016.
Alan HUNTER was declared elected to position 6 on 17 September 2016.
Jan HACKETT (CLP) was declared elected to position 7 on 17 September 2016.
Cate COOREY (IND) was declared elected to position 8 on 17 September 2016.

Most have stated public positions on Herbicides use. Now it is up to us to see them keep their word.

My new camera is taking a while to get use to. While trying to record a bird call yesterday,  one I had not heard before, this photo was the outcome.



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